SOLD – small MCM near MoPac

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3 Responses to “SOLD – small MCM near MoPac”

  1. mixette says:

    A good friend of mine lives next door, and I’m always surprised to see that this one hasn’t sold. This neighborhood is so walkable and friendly and even with the proximity to MoPac, you’d be surprised of how much of an issue this *isn’t*. Unfortunately there’s been increasing tear down and ugly new build in the area, but the houses surrounding his one seem unlikely to fall to that sad fate.

  2. Can-O-Fanta says:

    Gimme a break. The above comment must be from a Realtor. I used to rent one street over. Yes, MoPac IS an issue, as is air quality.

    This place has potential, but it needs a ton of work. It’s sat for almost a year because the price is just plain silly. The house across the street is in pre-foreclosure and the houses one either side are plain fugly.

  3. mixette says:

    Nope, not a realtor. Just someone who actually likes living in this neighborhood.

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